The Newsletter Challenge

Have you ever wanted to create a newsletter and email it to your customers? Have you ever tried to create an opt-in on your website to collect email addresses? Do you want a professional newsletter that you can send to your customers that you can create yourself?

  Join my free Newsletter Challenge and learn how to:

  • Setup MailChimp
  • Add an opt-in on your website to collect email address with the Bloom plugin
  • Learn how to set up MailChimp to automatically send an email or to deliver your freebies to your new list subscribers
  • Learn to create an outline for your newsletter (with a free outline download), what types of content to include on your newsletter and where to find your content.
  • Learn how to layout & send your newsletter in MailChimp
  • Learn how to create custom newsletter headers & graphics, free with Canva
  • Get access to a great Facebook group to help support all your business marketing needs

By signing up below, I will send you an email immediately to get you started on Day 1, setting up your Mail Chimp Account. You can follow along with the easy step by step video to learn how to set up your account. Then tomorrow I will send you the Day 2 video to walk you through how to add the Bloom opt-in plugin to your WordPress website, to start collecting those email addresses. As a bonus, tomorrow, I’ll even show you how to use MailChimp to send out your freebies to your new subscribers! Then on day’s 3 & 4, I will send you the videos to start planning and finding content for your Newsletter, and lay it all out with MailChimp.

Ready to get started? Join the challenge today!

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