4 Easy Ways to Market Your Small Business

I am often asked; “What is the best way to get my business noticed?” “How should I be advertising?” “What else should I be doing?” In this digital age many businesses are focusing on Facebook and online marketing, and for good reason, but there are many tried and true methods out there that we shouldn’t forget about. Here are 4 easy ways to market your small business- a few of my favorite methods to help your business be more awesome.

1. Your website
Your website should be easy to navigate, be easy to find what you do, how to get in touch with you & just be awesome! Here is a brief checklist:
  • What’s your site’s purpose?
  • Do you have quality content?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is it search engine optimized (SEO)?
  • Did you link your Social Media sites to your website? and vise versa?
  • Can it be read easily on a mobile device?

2. Stay in touch with your customers
One of the easiest and most overlooked suggestion I have is staying in touch with your current customers! They already know and love your work so make sure to stay front of mind with them. Whether it’s face to face, a quick email, or a more formal newsletter or e-newsletter – just keep in touch, and let them know of any new or different services you offer.

3. Verify your listing on Google
Google LocalCreating a Google My Business (Google Local) page is a way of verifying on Google maps where your business physically is located. This can be verified by anyone at the business. Google will send a pin number, via snail mail, to your business address. Then you just need to enter that pin on your new Google account.
Benefits of a Google + account include more chances to appear within Google local searchers (like the photo on the right), you can connect your Google+ profile to your Google+ Local listing, and you are able to gain reviews from your customers that will then show up as star ratings in your search results.
4. Send snail mail!
I have to admit, the mail I receive in my mailbox probably gets more attention that the mail in my inbox. If you have something important to share, sending out a postcard or lumpy mailer (an envelope with something big inside so it feels lumpy, and intrigues the recipient enough to open it) is a great way to get attention and attract new customers.
A great way to send mail without having a mailing list is to use the USPS Every Door Direct Mail service. You select the town and the routes you want your mailer delivered to, you can even select business, residential or both! Want to know the best part? It cost less than the price of a stamp to send! EDDM PostcardAs of today, the current cost is $0.183/per piece. Here is an example of an EDDM postcard I recently sent out.
You don’t always have to think outside of the box, as long as you know who your target customer is, and how to reach them!
Let me know how some of these techniques have worked for you below in the comments.

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