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Finally! You’re not alone!

Being a small business owner, sometimes you just wish you had someone to talk to, who understands what you are going through. Now you do!

My favorite part of marketing conferences is always the brainstorming sessions where business can discuss what they are doing for marketing, whats working & what isn’t. Don’t you wish you could do that every day? I do! And now you can!

Join the community!

Finally, a place to bounce marketing ideas around, and ask questions!
Join SW Small Bussiness Marketing Facebook Forum (it’s 100% free) and get the support you need, access to our fantastic Facebook community and networking opportunities with other like-minded small business owners!



What you’ll find on the other side:

  • Access to Angela’s Awesomeness 24/7
    (well maybe not 24/7- I do sleep sometimes)
  • A community of folks just like you
  • New ideas and solutions to your marketing woes
  • And probably your new best friends!

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What you won’t find:

  • A place to pitch your business
  • Feeling lost and alone
  • Competition
  • Spam