Holiday Ready Marketing

We’ve made it through back to school and are hopefully getting into a routine at home. How about at your business? Are you in a routine? Do you do the same thing every day? Well in business that might not be a great thing. You need to have a plan, but not necessarily a routine. As the holiday’s sneak up on us, make sure you are ready for them. Here are 3 holiday ready marketing ideas to get you ready for the season.

Plan your marketing in ADVANCE!

What’s that? You mean I shouldn’t just be flying by the seat of my pants, or scheduling that facebook ad to run the week before or week of an event?


If you haven’t already read my post from January on putting together a stupid simple easy marketing plan, check it out here. Assuming you already have your plan together (clears throat), let’s move on to your holiday plans.

Pick the holiday you want to start promoting, maybe have 1 or 2 big events or promotions over the holidays to focus on, and then a couple smaller ones. Look at what you have between now and then. Can you cross-promote your events? Do you have a newsletter going out between now and then? If not I hope you had it on your marketing calendar and put it in your last newsletter, right? 🙂

Set up your social media posts to start building the hype for your event. Share photos of your giveaways, food, apparel, location, etc, anything to build interest! Create a couple ads to run leading up to your holiday event.

Make sure your website is up to date too! Create new banner ads to promote your upcoming holiday event or sale. Or better yet, create a whole new page on your website dedicated to the sale! That way you can direct people to that page via all your social media posts!


Can you get another business involved? October is Co-op month, if you are part of a co-op why not work with the other co-ops in town to host a larger event. Bonus, you get your products/event in front of a larger audience!

Is your city doing any holiday events? Plan yours to coincide with what is already going on! Better yet, call up your local Chamber of Commerce and ask to get involved to help plan it! Did you know the more you are involved the better it is for your business? You get to meet other business owners, and get invovled with the community, plus, you get first crack at being an event sponsor, or hosting events at your local business! Awesome!

Get Prepared!

Hopefully, if things go well, you will be swamped during the holidays. And if you have been marketing your events well in advance, you should be.

But are you PREPARED for the increased traffic? Do you have extra staff available? Did you stock up on your most popular or sale items? There is nothing worse than going to a store for a promotion, and they are out of stock, or you can’t find anyone to help you! Don’t let all your hard work go down the drain, because of something so simple.

Get your store ready, get your staff ready, and most importantly get your customers ready for the upcoming holidays!


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